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Jesse Jackson Jr. values an elk head over his reputation

Corruption and Chicago politicians are often linked together. When a prominent black politician is willing to embezzle funds from his campaign for foolish items, like a $4600 fedora that once belonged to Michael Jackson, it’s no lucky guess the culprit is from Chicago.

Jesse Jackson Jr., the man who once stood for feeding the hungry and helping the impoverished black families of Chicago, today stood before a judge trying to explain how his bipolar disorder lead him to make outrageous purchases; including spending over $5500 on a Martha's Vineyard Holistic Retreat, using funds that he was not entitled to spend.

As the son of a preacher, the question must have occurred to Jackson: Would you sell your soul for elk heads and fur capes? Would you ruin your life and destroy your reputation for $750,000. - not even one million dollars. Maybe $750, the total because Jesse Jackson, Jr. was caught before the theft could reach a million.

A man in such a respected position should have made enough friends in the right places who would endow him more than he could steal. But Jackson Jr. chose friends like Rod Blagojevich. Remember him?

Jesse Jackson Jr. also drags his wife, Sandy down with him; as she was found to be complicit in the nefarious deeds of her husband, involved in tax fraud. Is she bipolar as well or will she plead that she is simply being subject to her husband as the Bible instructs?

Reports are that Jesse Jackson Jr. wept profusely during the hearing where his father, Reverend Jesse Jackson was there to support him with other family members. More than the sin of greed, Jesse Jackson Jr. seems to be guilty of unconscionable stupidity. There are so many children in Chicago who have lost a hero.

Read the article from the NY Times.

Attractive, affluent blacks behaving badly; check out the first part of this news video:

Jesse Jackson Jr. is expected to serve a sentence of 46 to 57 months in prison. It is expected that he will be sentenced this summer This fallen public figure will probably only do a couple of those years. Then, he can write a book. Maybe he'll go on the talk show circuit. In no time, as a changed man who has found salvation, again, he'll be crying on cable television with Oprah.


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