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Jessa Duggar upsets fans with pictures of her with a rifle

Jessa Duggar
Jessa Duggar
Ben Seewald Facebook

Jessa Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting" has upset her fans with a new picture showing her holding a gun. Her boyfriend Ben Seewald shared it on his Facebook page and fans are not happy about it. On Monday, Radar Online shared the photo and what fans have to say about it. You can see it on this page.

In this picture, Jessa is holding a rifle and looking behind her it is obvious that they are at a gun store of some kind. Ben didn't seem ashamed at all to post the picture. He put it on Facebook along with the comment, "My AWESOME girlfriend. #DontmesswithJessa." A lot of fans are not happy about it and were responding telling him exactly how they feel.

The Duggar family are very strong Christians. The complaints that most fans have are about the fact that a Christian shouldn't hold a gun like that or act that way. It is a bit confusing to others what the two have to do with each other but that is how some fans feel about it. Some fans are supportive of them though and defending the fact that all that she was doing was holding a gun in her hand.

This week on "19 Kids and Counting" fans will get to see their cousin Amy head off to Nashville and try to start a career as a country music singer. The Tennessean shared some news about this upcoming special this week. Amy isn't like the rest of the family considering that she has kissed a man and wears a skirt above her knee.

The special about Amy will be a two hour "19 Kids and Counting" that airs this week. Then on June 21 Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar will tie the knot. It will be filmed for television, but won't air that day. It will show up eventually on the show later this season though.