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Jess Molina is a great thrower

Jess Molina, preparing to throw the javline
Jess Molina, preparing to throw the javline
Jackie Romeo

In New Jersey, most shot, discus, and javelin throwers begin competing once they get to high school. Some fortunate towns have a track and field program for elementary school-aged children and those children have the opportunity to participate in events before high school. The throwing events are modified to accommodate young, small children so that they can participate without risk of severe injury.

Jessica (Jess) Molina from Westwood, NJ has been throwing since she was only eight years old. She began when a football teammate's mother recommended the sport and offered to coach her.

"I love track. When I first started I never thought I would be in the position I am in now, but I stuck with it because I truly enjoyed the sport," Jess explained. Throughout the years, Jess has not only competed in football and track, but she has also played basketball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, and wrestling.

She trains six days a week during the season, which includes throwing, lifting, and physical therapy. In the off-season she trains three to four days a week.

2013-2014 School Year Accomplishments

Red Raider Relays

  • 1st place shot put 38ft
  • 1st place discus 116ft
  • 1st place javelin 118

Athlete of the Week: Bergen Record

Penn Relays

  • 5th place shot put 43ft

League Championships

  • 1st shot put
  • 1st place javelin
  • 2nd place discus

County Group Championships

  • 1st place shot put 41-5ft
  • 1st place discus 125ft
  • 1st place javelin 127ft

Bergen Meet of Champions

  • 2nd place shot put 41-1ft
  • 3rd place discus 121ft

State Sectionals

  • 1st place shot put 41-11ft
  • 1st place discus 123ft
  • 2nd place javelin 106ft

East Coast Relays

  • 1st place shot put 41ft
  • 1st place discus 127ft
  • 3rd place javelin 116ft

State Groups

  • 1st place shot put 40-11ft
  • 3rd place discus 120ft
  • 4th place javelin 117ft

First Team All-County: Shot Put

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