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Jersey Shore negotiates for a second season


  • TheJuice 6 years ago

    First of all Lauren Conrad was doing Laguna Beach before the Hills. Of course they're going to offer her more on her spin off show because Laguna Beach was so successful for a few seasons.

    Second Sharon Ozbourne should get a lot of $$$ because they were celebrities before their MTV show. It's freakin Ozzy Ozbourne for christs sake! The man is a music legend. His concert tours awarded him millions.

    These Jersey Shore kids should thanks their lucky stars that they're even popular right now. They'll fade away just like the Jabbawockeez did from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. It's 15 hollywood minutes of fame. If these kids want to work more than just shut up and take what they offer u. If the second season is a hit then u can up it for a third season and ever season after that. Thats how the business goes. U don't want to take the offer than you'll be replaced. Simple as that.

  • Josh 6 years ago

    Ratings are ratings. If Ozzy is a legend or not if the show is bringing in advertisers money because of the high amount of viewers then I think they should get a decent pay check. The cost of production for a reality show is much lower than a scripted series, so MTV is going or is already making a major profit. I'm not saying they should get millions but Mtv's offer was skimpy.

  • nick 6 years ago

    hopefully people will not think that all italian americans are simpletines after watching the shore,fermi,davinci and too many to list are turning in their grave,one exaple is Mike Greci the writer of this article,thank god he and his brother do not act like jackoffs,they are italian,i know them personally. thank you, nick.

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