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Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Rumored Heart Attack Controversy


Jerry "The King" Lawler
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

Shortly after Jerry got sick this afternoon, the rumor mill started spinning and it was being reported via social media sites that Jerry suffered another heart attack.

Jerry appeared on WWE tonight confirming that he did not have a heart attack today but rather ate some seafood that either didn't agree with him or that he has a stomach bug.

Jerry says that, “shortly after eating some seafood in Baltimore, he got sick in a local mall.” Many people told him that could be a sign of cardiac trouble so as a precaution; he went to a local hospital to be checked out.

Jerry confirmed via that he is fine and all that is wrong with him is either a stomach bug or a bag reaction to something he ate.

Many of us will remember that Jerry did have a heart attack after a match last year so he is taking good care of himself. Before there is further confusion, the video embedded in this article pertains to Jerry's heart attack last year!

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