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Jerry Sandusky's son to tell all in new interview with Oprah

Jerry Sandusky
Jerry Sandusky
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Jerry Sandusky's son Matt is finally speaking out about the abuse that he dealt with as a child. On Tuesday, ESPN reported that this interview will be a big one with Oprah where he reveals things that nobody has ever heard. Matt says that his dad sexually abused him growing up and this interview will discuss how bad it was for him.

Jerry and Dottie Sandusky actually adopted six children and Matt was one of them. His allegations against his dad were not part of the criminal case that now has Jerry behind bars, but he did get a settlement from Penn State. Matt does accuse his father of abusing him starting at the age of eight. He revealed that he would pretend to be asleep while it was going on.

TMZ shared that this big interview with Matt Sandusky will air on July 17. Oprah sat down with him for this interview. It is the first one that he has done since his dad was put behind bars. Everyone has tried to get the interview but Oprah was the one who was able to score it.

In this interview, Matt is going to reveal why it took him so long to speak out and also what happened with him. He did think that he was the only victim and didn't realize that his dad was doing this to other people as well. When Jerry Sandusky was convicted, he was charged with 45 counts so obviously Matt was not the only who was dealing with this kind of abuse. This involved 10 to 15 different young men that he abused.

Matt has already shared that the abuse would start when he went to bed at night. Don't miss the big interview with Matt Sandusky when it airs on July 17. It will be airing on OWN at 8 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area.