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Jerry Mahoney’s new book hits it right

Jerry Mahoney gets candid in new book

Jerry Mahoney’s book, “How I Went From Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad” hit the shelves three weeks ago. The story,centers on Jerry and his partner Drew Tappon's journey to conceive twins. Are readers giving a thumbs-up to Mahoney’s first crack at memoir?

Said Leslie Ward on, “What a fantastic, funny book! I couldn't put it down. Jerry tells his family's story with such honesty and humor, you will find yourself laughing out loud, crying commiserate tears, and generally falling in love with Jerry, Drew, and the entire Tappon-Mahoney extended family. Thanks Jerry for sharing this great tale with the world! Amazon readers -- BUY THIS BOOK!”

Engrossed in surrogate mishaps, Mahoney’s backfiring practical jokes, and humorous insights, even slow readers have stepped up the page turning pace through Mahoney’s fatherhood adventure.

“This is an amazing story. I often have a hard time reading books quickly, but I flew through this book in a weekend. It's hilarious, relatable and bittersweet. The author expertly tells his tale of his youth, his coming-out and his unique adventure becoming a parent. I can't recommend it enough. . .” posted C. Browne on

Children are also giving the green light to Mahoney’s book, an anonymous reader on revealing, “I was pleasantly surprised that the book was really good. It was more sweet than funny, but worth keeping in the bookcase to read again (and again) later. My kids recognized the cover from his blog logo and asked me to read it several times for a good half hour each time. That's darn good for 6, 4, and 2 yr olds! My kids were fascinated with hearing the birth story of kids they "know". Their only complaint was that the book didn't have any pictures, so the kids and I scoured the author's website for pictures of the individuals, especially the newborn pictures. My only hiccup was that I occasionally had to change a word slightly to make the grown-up vocabulary more kid-acceptable when reading aloud. Some words are fine for a book meant for adult readers but really don't need to be repeated in front of the Pre-K teacher." has readers gushing about Mahoney’s LGBT parenting story. Who better to give a review than Mahoney’s partner?

Said Tappon, “I know, I know -- I'm a biased reviewer since I am lucky enough to be married to the guy who wrote this book -- and I'm, perhaps, a little-too-close-to-the-subject-matter, but I'm also relieved because it just saved me years from having to try (on my own) to recount the story of how we decided to become parents relying on my dim-witted brain. (Jerry is a much more reliable witness to the process.) I think what Jerry has done was turn a very personal story and elevated it to a big, funny, messy, hilarious roller-coaster ride (which is saying something because I don't usually like roller coasters!). Even though I knew the outcome all-too-well, the book felt suspenseful, nerve-wracking, emotional and uplifting (and I like 'uplifting' about as much as I like 'roller coasters'). It's a fast, conversational read that reminded me of the best elements of Augusten Burroughs, David Sedaris, David Leavitt and Sidney Sheldon. And I mean that Sidney Sheldon piece as a compliment. . .”

I spoke with Mahoney last month, in anticipation of his new book. Our two part interview is available by clicking on Mahoney.

Have you read “How I Went From Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad?” Please write a review by leaving a comment on my page.

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