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Jerry Lewis receives honor in Hollywood, says crude women are not funny

Jerry Lewis receives honor in Hollywood, says crude women are not funny
Jerry Lewis receives honor in Hollywood, says crude women are not funny
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Jerry Lewis attended a hand- and foot-printing ceremony at the Legendary Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Saturday. His wife and daughter accompanied him and Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was there to support the 88-year-old entertainer. Lewis used the occasion to address comments he made years ago regarding female comedians according to CBS Local – Los Angeles on April 12.

Several years back, Lewis upset many by expressing his distaste for female standup comics. On Saturday, he clarified those comments. He called Lucille Ball “brilliant” and Carol Burnett “the greatest female entrepreneur of comedy.”

“Seeing a woman project the kind of aggression that you have to project as a comic just rubs me wrong. And they’re funny — I mean you got some very, very funny people that do beautiful work — but I have a problem with the lady up there that’s going to give birth to a child — which is a miracle,” Lewis said. “But when you have women like Carol Burnett, that’s the greatest female entrepreneur of comedy. I just saw Carol at the Smith Center at home in Vegas, and I was stunned by how brilliant she is and how brilliantly she brings the audience right up to her.”

Lewis’s wife and daughter were with him for the occasion. He asked his daughter to take a bow and then said, “This is an incredible time for me. I have never, ever had an experience like this and had my daughter present. And this is the first time I’ve ever asked her to join me.”

Quentin Tarantino introduced Lewis at the ceremony. Following the ceremony, Tarantino hosted a film tribute to the aging star, according to the Daily Mail, at the New Beverly Movie theater, a building Tarantino saved from demolition and restored in 2007 . The tribute included the following our films: Don’t Give Up The Ship (1959), Boeing, Boeing (1965), At War With The Army (1950) and Hollywood or Bust (1956). Lewis himself was planning to attend a 50th anniversary screening of “The Nutty Professor” later that night in conjunction with the TCM Classic Film Festival.

Also on hand for the ceremony were Comedians Richard Belzer and Dane Cook

Lewis, most remembered for his 10-year partnership with entertainer Dean Martin which ended in 1956, has made more than 70 films during his career. Though he has suffered with numerous health issues, he has continued to work, rarely taking a break. In fact, “The Big Finish,” a movie about a showbiz retirement home and its residents who try to save the place from closure by putting on the biggest show of their lives, will come out next year.

Lewis is also remembered for his 40-year association with the Muscular Dystrophy Association where he hosted the annual telethon and was its national chairman until he stepped down in 2012.