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Jerry Jones needs to see a specialist for stupidity

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This is an opinion piece. You can decide what kind of piece it is.

The Dallas Cowboys have made it known…
They would welcome Josh Brent back to the Dallas Cowboys, if he receives a favorable ruling from Roger Goodell, and will make a roster move to clear a spot for Brent if he’s allowed to return.

You can say what you want about Jerry Jones, and what you say may be true. “Jones needs a G.M.” “Jones needs to be out of the day to day football operations of the Cowboys”…it can go on and on. But I am going to add one. "Are you out of your mind?"

Jones right now has a chance to make a statement. He has a chance to stand up and say, NO!

I just want to know, as an employer, would Jerry Jones hire ANYONE in the front office of the Dallas Cowboys if they has committed the act of Josh Brent? Can you get hired as a secretary, or janitor, or an assistant to Jason Garrett? Can you work in the accounting department? Can you work as a trusted person among the Dallas Cowboys faithful? The answer is probably no. So why should it be any different on the field? Because he is Jerry Jones.

Jones is making a very poor decision here. It comes right out and says that, it doesn’t matter what you do if you can play football, it is OK to go out, get drunk (more than twice the legal limit) and we will welcome you back with a hand shake and a smile.

Does winning mean that much Jerry? Not that they have won anything FOREVER. Whatever happened to just saying no, like Brent should have done when he picked up those last 4-5 drinks?

Second chances don’t happen in this place we call reality. The average guy plugging away for $50,000 year job, losses that job, and never gets one in that filed again, if he commits the same act as Brent did.

Jerry Jones has a chance to tell every other player, and the NFL for that matters, if you come to Dallas, the behavior of Brent will not be tolerated. By making a space available to Brent, takes away a shot from a guy who is trying to make his dream come true in the NFL. They would rather have a felon on the team, than a guy who leaves it all on the field, and doesn’t drink and kill someone.

So I will say/ask it. Are you out of your mind Jerry? I mean let’s be honest, you haven’t made the best moves in the past, can’t this OBVIOUS mistake been seen? Can’t you see what you are telling today’s youth? You are telling them it is OK to drink and drive, because if you are a good enough football player, then the rules do not apply to you. Are you that blind? You need to see a specialist! I am am afraid for you Jerry. How can you NOT SEE THIS? And I don't care what the mother of Jerry Brown says. She may forgive him, but in the real world it wouldn't matter either. Jones has a chance to tell every potential Dallas Cowboy that you will not play for the Cowboys if you insist on breaking the law, unintentional or not. Instead, Jones is telling every potential Dallas Cowboy, bad behavior is acceptable.

Josh Brent, may be a good player, but is it good enough for you to say, "we have to have this guy on our team"? Are you saying, you can’t live without Brent? Aren’t there any other players that can play as well if not better than Brent?

If that is the case in Dallas there is no hope. No hope the "scouts" of the Dallas Cowboys, and surely no hope for Jerry Jones. Not that there was hope before this for the Cowboys defense. The thinking is that, the defense is so bad we will bring in a convicted felon. It is not fair for all those other players trying to make this squad, and have not committed the act Brent did.

One more thing. Roger Goodell, this may be your most important ruling yet. After the debacle on the ruling with Ray Rice, just whatever you do, don’t forget the ruling that you made for Donte’ Stallworth - one year suspension for the same offense. So people who say you are inconsistent with your rulings, you can at least get this one right. Anything less would not be enough, not that one year is enough. In my opinion, Brent should never be allowed on a NFL football field again, never mind the Cowboys.

The fact Jones and the Cowboys are even giving this consideration is a complete and utter joke. Just like the franchise has become over the past 15 years. Jerry grab that flip phone, and call a shrink before it is too late. Ohhh wait, it may just be too late. Hey wait...didn't Brent retire? (Click here to read about his "retirement")