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Jerry Jones blackmail: Racy photos surface, Cowboys owner being blackmailed?

Is Jerry Jones being blackmailed?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones being blackmailed over some racy photos? According to a New York Post report on Aug. 6, Jones and a few women who are being called his "girlfriends" seem to be playfully posing in a bathroom. One picture shows a girl on her knees in front of Jones, while another shows the 72 year-old groping a blonde bombshell from behind.

A third picture shows the blond sitting on a toilet with a huge smile on her face. You go Jerry! Well, what seems like harmless fun to most could be big trouble according to reports. Jones has been married to his wife, Gene for over 50 years. They also have two adult children. Something like this could make dinner time a bit uncomfortable.

Could all of this be a plot for blackmail and extortion? The Post reported that Deadspin has identified the leak of the pictures from a Twitter source as a Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks groupie named Frank Hoover. Hoover claims he got the pictures from others who had planned to extort Jones with the odd images.

The National Ledger reports the pictures first went public via Terez Owens. They (the pictures) emerged in connection with a manifesto posted online titled 'Uncovering the Truth' that is a mess of accusations and declarations that is difficult to follow.

Either way it looks like the flamboyant Cowboys owner has been caught with hand in the cookie jar! With the Cowboys season right around the corner, the timing of the pictures being released couldn't be worse for Jones. You can click here to view the pictures that may have Jerry Jones in some hot water.

Somewhere right now Jimmy Johnson is shaking his head.

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