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Jerry Brown: a portrait of a career politician

Brown has served local offices throughout California
Brown has served local offices throughout California

Edmund Gerald Brown Jr., who we all know was simply Jerry Brown, is the new Governor of California, and he is to be sworn in January 3rd 2011. He was not always a politician, but he was always the son of one. His father was Edmund G. Brown Sr. the former Governor of California who had served two terms in the late 1960's. Brown's incredible career has seen him serve two terms of Governor of California from 1975 to 1983. Brown has also served in state offices, serving on the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees, as California Secretary of State, and most recently the Mayor of Oakland and as California Attorney General. He also has had the luxury of being California's youngest Governor and after being recently elected he is now the oldest.

Jerry Brown ran for President of the United States three times starting in 1976, and almost won the democratic nomination in 1992 the year Bill Clinton got elected, until Brown had made a mistake by telling a crowd of New York City jews that he was considering reverend Jesse Jackson as a potential running mate. The problem was that back in 1984 when Jackson tried to run for president, Jackson had made some horrible comments about jews and the jewish community never forgave him and thus Brown's poll numbers were never the same and Clinton won the nomination easily. Afterward, Brown just focused on local offices and become the Mayor of Oakland for two terms.

After studying at Santa Clara University, Brown decided to become a catholic priest and thus enrolled in Sacred Heart Novitiate which was jesuit seminary. He left early and went to UC Berkeley where he got a BA degree. Then from there it was to Yale Law where he received a Juris Doctorate and then went on to pass the California bar exam on his second try. He traveled the world and studied in Latin America, while working as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of California. He fled to Los Angeles, became a lawyer, and then ran for the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees. Then from there it was history, becoming the youngest Governor and then going from there and becoming quite a politician.

Jerry Brown is not perfect, but he has been dedicated to the state of California his whole life, having served in local offices around the bay area and southern California most of his career. He has fought for the rights of locals and has unified the farm workers and gained the support of the people his whole career. Having won election after election that he has ran for except for the presidency, just proves that Brown has fan support in his local area and around the area. Becoming the next Governor of California, it will be just like Brown never left office, and he will be picking up where he left off, impressing the people once again.


  • Corrector 4 years ago

    Actually, Brown was the sixth-youngest Governor. See the Wikipedia article "List of Governors of California by age"

  • Retired Chief 4 years ago

    "Brown's incredible career has seen him serve two terms of Governor of California from 1975 to 1983"

    California State CONSTITUTION
    Article V, SECTION 2 - No Governor may serve more than 2 terms.

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