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Jerome Corsi: Obama using gays to collapse healthcare, institute single-payer

Jerome Corsi may be feeling inadequate since Alex Jones, Erik Rush and now Jim Garrow are running bat-crap crazy rings around him.

Jerome Corsi
Jerome Corsi's Red Alert

To compensate for his lack of relevancy (among the far-right extremists; in real life, he was never relevant to begin with), Corsi introduced a new conspiracy theory on TheDoveTV that the Obama administration is encouraging gay people to sign up for healthcare on the website in order to destroy the current insurance system so it can be replaced with single-payer.

Corsi's "logic" relies on an assertion that gays are "afflicted disproportionately by AIDS and other health issues."

"The minimum care cost up to a half a million dollars a year," Corsi claimed, as well as that it would cost "a minimum of thirty or forty thousand dollars a year just for the treatments to keep someone with the HIV infection alive, and probably extend their life for twenty years at the cost of a million dollars."

As such, Corsi claims, their participation will run up the cost of private insurance, eventually crashing the entire system.

In Corsi's sick fantasy world, this is not only true, but deliberate, for the purpose of replacing it with a single-payer.

"It's going to implode, and then the government's going to have to take it over," said Corsi.

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