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Jermaine Jackson has petitioned to change his famous name to 'Jacksun'

Jermaine Jackson filed petition to change name to Jacksun
Jermaine Jackson filed petition to change name to Jacksun
Barry Brecheisen

It is not unusual for celebrities to change their names. Lots of entertainers have done so. In fact, we know most celebrities by their stage names instead of by their real names.

According to the LA Times, Jermaine Jackson has filed a petition in L.A. Superior Court to legally change his name. His has been in the limelight for many years, so wanting to change his name now at age 57 is unusual.

Jermaine Jackson wants to change his famous name.

It appears that Jackson filed court papers in L.A. on November 6 to change his last name to Jacksun. He cited "artistic reasons" for the slight change.

He is using "sun" versus the "son" at the end of his name.

Why would Jermaine want to change his name is a mystery. He has lived 57 years with the name Jackson, so why change it now?

Is he trying to distant himself from the other famous Jacksons?

The slight change in his name has not been approved by the judge, but a hearing is scheduled.

The process Jackson has to go through includes first placing an announcement in a local publication. Then there has to be a public hearing where it's possible someone could object to the name change. If anyone objects, then there is a problem.

According to TMZ, if no one objects, Jermaine will be required to have his name change announced publicly in newspapers several times over a couple of months before it can be made official.

When it is all said and done, why would Jermaine want to go through the process of changing one letter in his name; especially so late in his career?

By the way, he has already changed his name once before to Mohammad Abdul Aziz in 1989 when he converted to Islam.

Jackson has nine children. Are they going to change their name also?