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Jerky recall: Utah company recalls 45 tons of beef jerky

Jerky recall: Utah company recalls 45 tons of beef jerky.
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Jerky recall by a Utah company has affected 45 tons of beef jerky products. The USDA announced that the packaging was mislabeled and failed to list a known allergen. According to KABC-TV Los Angeles on Feb. 13, the company did not name soy lecithin as being part of their jerky.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's food safety service announced Tuesday that Salt Lake City-based Prime Snax Inc. is recalling products made before Feb. 2 that were shipped around the country.

Jerky recall involves a total of 90,000 pounds including five brands from the Salt Lake City company. The list includes Arizona Jacks, Desert Star, Southwest Trail, Terrell and Kettle Creek. Watch out for beef jerky products marked with "EST. 18951."

Company CEO claims that the recall was voluntary and the result of a mistake. The labeling error was technical according to the CEO. He also claimed that he did not know that it was necessary to mention the known allergen.

Luckily this jerky recall has not been associated with any known reports of injury or death related to the use of the listed products. Soy lecithin is used in cleaning and should have been listed on the packaging.

So far 2014 is off to a rocky start when it comes to problems with beef in the United Sates. Another company in California had to return nearly 9 million pounds of beef to a processing center because the animals were improperly inspected.

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