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Jeremy Philip Holt and his Arrangements

Jeremy Philip Holt's "The Arrangements"
Jeremy Philip Holt's "The Arrangements"
Cover Art Done by Jeremy Philip Holt

In the midst of a growing Denver music market, a film composer is not the typical kind of musician you would suspect to see with a newly released, full length album. But as luck would have it, Jeremy Philip Holt is not the typical musician. The Arrangements is a compilation of music made specifically for film projects. Though Holt is a guitarist, professional music software has made it possible for him to compose all necessary parts for each song, no matter what instrument he needs. Every aspect of this album, from conception to release, were done by Holt, including all recording, production, and even the eerily beautiful cover art.
Jeremy Philip Holt is a man of many talents, and it all goes back to when he started playing guitar at the age of ten. Over the years Holt perfected his talent all the while gaining an interest in other sides of music and audio. He began experimenting with musical software such as Pro-Tools and Logic, and realized that he also held a special talent for composing not only a guitar piece, but a full movie score as well. Deciding to combine his love of both music and film, Holt started writing music for independent films like, Life Out Of Place, and Pants. After some time, he realized that he had enough masterpieces to create a full length LP, thus the birth of The Arrangements.
The Arrangements is a general overview of the different genres and types of things that Holt can do. From techno beats, to jazzy horns, and demonic drones, The Arrangements has it all. This musical Picasso can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon. And of course, don’t forget to visit Jeremy Philip Holt on Myspace, or either of his websites,, or, to drop him a line.


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