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Jeremy Miller at 'DWTS'? Cheers on Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar

Jeremy Miller as Ben Seaver in "Growing Pains"
Jeremy Miller/Growing Pains archive

Jeremy Miller was seen on Dancing With the Stars Monday night and the fans were surprised by his decision to come to the show. While the former boyfriend of Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar might have appreciated the cameo moment, it had little to do with the dancing at the ballroom. The idea was more to do about the drama and saga the show tries to build up for fans to follow from week to week. According to WetPaint on Monday night, the DWTS couples were really focused on putting together solid routines for the show.

The saga with Jeremy Miller and rivalry of the two woman probably has been buried years ago. As both ladies have moved on with their lives and both seem to be accomplished individuals, bringing in Jeremy Miller for such a cameo is such a cheesy move. It’s doubtful it’s going to stir any negative memories between the three and the fans could care less about who dated who years ago.

It’s nice to see that Jeremy Miller took time from his busy schedule to cheer on the competitors of the reality show. Few people know about his current projects (and we couldn't find anything upcoming online,) but he is best known for Growing Pains work. And maybe he might be a competitor of the show next year so people can find out more about his career instead of him drawing away from the competitors at hand.

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