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Jeremy Meeks: Turning criminals into celebrities

Jeremy Meeks arrested
New York Daily News/Stockton PD

Jeremy Meeks became an internet sensation after his “sexy” mug shot was released. He’s gained many fans, mostly women, who can’t seem to resist his light eyes and seemingly perect lips. In fact, the hot shot convicted felon could reportedly make up to $30,000 per month as a model. There’s no doubt about it that he may have attractive features, but that fact still remains that he’s a convicted felon.

California police released his mug shot to the public on social media which became nationwide within a short period of time. His face may be cute, but is criminal record is not so much and his $900,000 bond was raised to $1 million. According to Fox Denver, his charges include gang affiliation, violation of probation and firearm possession. Recently, in a gang sweep, police pulled over Meeks and discovered a loaded gun and marijuana. Aside from his recent arrest, Jeremy Meeks was previously convicted for grand theft and he was arrested for gang affiliation.

In spite of his criminal conduct, many are intrigued by his mug shot to the point that a Facebook fan page was created which has already generated 90,000 likes. TMZ reports that a modeling agency, Blaze Modelz, stated that they can help Meeks make up to $30,000 a month modeling with clients such as Armani and Versace. Also, he was reportedly offered a free laser removal from a tattoo removal company plus money to cover his large bail. The modeling agency would like for him to keep the teardrop tattoo since it makes him look edgier.

Jeremy Meeks has a few options on the table for him once he’s released from jail. In fact, he may not have to wait long since companies reportedly offered to post his bail. Although he may have the look and these are great offers, is this sending the wrong message? Are criminals being celebritized?

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