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Jeremy Meeks' Stockton mug shot raises a ruckus

Jeremy Meeks' Stockton Police Department mug shot seemingly has a lot of women's hearts fluttering, while many others cringe and shake their heads over the buzz. The Jeremy Meeks photo, posted on the Stockton Police Department's Facebook page on Wednesday, quickly went viral and prompted a flurry of comments from women going a bit gaga over the California felon. The man is said to have spent nine years in prison for grand theft, but that doesn't stop some of those swooning over him.

Jeremy Meeks' Stockton mug shot has gone viral on Facebook
Photo via Stockton Police Department Facebook

The Meeks photo was posted along with notes about a multi-agency effort in the Stockton area to deal with an uptick in shootings and robberies in the area. Jeremy Meeks was one of several arrested, and the 30-year-old was arrested on felony weapons charges. Despite his record, it seems quite a few women were drawn in by the man's “handsome” looks and were willing and able to connect with him should the opportunity arise.

According to Huffington Post, Jeremy Meeks' Stockton mug shot quickly garnered 33,000 “likes” on Facebook and it now has more than 60,000 just a couple of days after the posting. Officer Joseph Silva of the Stockton Police Department says he's never seen a photo of theirs go viral like this before. Meeks is now facing a gang charge and five weapons charges.

While woman swoon over Jeremy Meeks' Stockton photo, his mother has created a GoFundMe page to try to help her son with his legal defense. According to USA Today, Meeks has talked to his wife and knows just how wild the social media attention has gotten. Yes, Meeks is married and has a little boy. His mother, naturally, says he didn't do anything wrong and thinks he's being targeted for his old tattoos. He says that he's not affiliated with gangs any longer, but a gun was allegedly found in his trunk.

Jeremy Meeks' Stockton mug shot has garnered a lot of attention, that is easy to see. However, it doesn't seem it's spurring much in the way of GoFundMe donations. Jeremy's mother, Katherine Angier, so far has raised just $418 of her $25,000 goal.

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