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Jeremy Meeks speaks: Mugshot hunk's mom makes plea for funds for 'sweet son'

The man whose mugshot went viral because he was so good looking is speaking from his jail cell today. He had no idea how popular he had become in the last few days since the Stockton Police Facebook page posted his mugshot and wide-spread Internet love bloomed.

Jeremy Meeks not a bad guy, so he, his mother and sister said today, but police call him one of the most violent men in their area.
Stockton Police Facebook Page

According to The Hollywood Gossip on June 20, Jeremy Meeks is married and he said he is "no drug kingpin" as some of the news might make him out to be. His wife was the one to break the news to him that he is an Internet sensation today.

Meeks was picked up in a sweep conducted by the FBI, local police and other law enforcement agencies on Wednesday and he has some hefty charges levied against him along with a $900,000 bail.

He is in jail facing five weapons charges and one gang related charge. Meeks has been awarded that 15 minutes of fame for a very bizarre reason. He is really good looking in a virile-kind-of-way and since his mugshot went up on the police Facebook page, he's become a star.

As of Friday he had about 60,000 likes, 17,000 comments and his picture was shared about 6,000 times. His mother took to the media to tell everyone that her son is not a thug and that she wants to get him out of jail. She asked everyone to "please help," as the lawyer to get Meeks off these charges will be expensive.

"My son was taken into custody on his way to work," said Katherine Angier. He is a working man with a son, she said. His mother believes he is being stereotyped because of his tattoos. She also wrote, "He is my son and he is so sweet." The "sweet" son is 30-years-old.

The Stockton police are calling him "one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area." Meeks has been married for four years and he is a "good family man," said the felon's mom today. Meeks' sister also talked a bit about her brother saying he was armed at the time of his arrest for "protection purposes."

According to Us Weekly today, Meeks sat behind a glass wall at the prison saying he "appreciates all the attention," but his main objective is to let people know that what they are saying about him, "it's not me." The interviewer said he was shaking his head and smiling in disbelief over his new found fame.

He has been a practicing Christian for the last seven years, his sister conveyed. The mom posted pictures of Meeks' son online along with her plea for donations to get him a good lawyer. She asks for help because if he doesn't get a good lawyer, he'll be "railroaded," said mom. She hopes this new fame will help her raise $25,000 for her son. So far she's raised $418.00.

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