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Jeremy Meeks's mugshot proves why women love bad boys

The Stockton (California) Police Department posted a mugshot of Jeremy Meeks that has women swooning.
Stockton Police Department's Facebook page

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014, the Stockton (California) Police Department posted mugshots of accused perpetrators arrested in their Western Ranch Operation Cease Fire Mission on Facebook. What happened next was undoubtedly unexpected. The response to one picture proves that women love bad boys. Or at least bad boys who look like male super models.

Women from all over the country began sharing and commenting on the mugshot of Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old convicted felon. Why did Meeks's mugshot garner so much attention? One look at his chiseled jawline, piercing gray eyes, and full lips will quickly answer that question. Had Meeks chosen something other than crime, he could easily have graced the cover of fashion magazines and commercial ads. To say Meeks is gorgeous is an understatement.

With over 26,000 shares and 7,500 comments, Meeks may have one of the most positively viewed mugshots since reality star Porsha Stewart "glammed" it up for her arrest photo shoot. It is hard to deny Meeks's sex appeal, but even harder to deny his criminal propensity. But do women care?

According to most of the comments, women are too hypnotized by Meeks's eyes to care about his little felony arrest and criminal record.

Wow, that has to be the best mugshot I've seen.-Y. Belcourt

He is very gorgeous !! the whole mugshot isn't a turn on, but his eyes, jaw, lips. very nice to look at.-K. Marie

Let's start a Gofundme page to get him bail money...he should be in magazines.- S. Hill

Physical attraction can, at times, be overwhelming. An attraction so strong that you lose all common sense is dangerous. Undoubtedly, women are not the only ones who get caught up in lust when considering mates. Do you remember when Tampa, Florida teacher Debra LaFave escaped a prison sentence because she was "too pretty" in 2005?

Being easy on the eyes can get you into trouble and out of trouble, apparently. However, a little advice from one Facebook user on Jeremy Meeks's mugshot should be taken under advisement:

Good looks do NOT a good man make. I think it is kind VERY sad and pathetic that people keep talking about how this guy shouldn't be in trouble because he's pretty. As if good looks gives someone the right to be a horrible person. You, boys and girls, are what is wrong with this world today.-N. Caravalho

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