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Jeremy Meeks new video: Mugshot hunk far from second coming of Justin Timberlake

Jeremy Meeks is a bad boy and that might be what is fueling this frenzy of women flocking to social media and professing their infatuation, and in some cases their love for this felon. Meeks is the "hottie" in the viral mugshot and he sports a black teardrop tattoo. This is allegedly a gang symbol indicating that you have killed someone, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” Saturday morning June 21.

Jeremy Meeks, the handsome mugshot guy is dangerous, said Stockton Police.
Stockton Police Facebook Page

A clip of Meeks emerged from his arraignment Friday and this is evidence that his mugshot was a really good picture. He got lucky because his mugshot shows a gorgeous face, but when you get a gander at him in the clip he's a bit different looking. He’s not as appealing as he is in that mugshot that's making women swoon nationwide this week. Check out the video above and watch the clip.

According to CNN News on June 21, the guy is 30-years-old, married and has a toddler son. He spoke with a reporter from inside the jail and stated that he is not the guy the police are making him out to be. He is “not a kingpin,” this is something he doesn't want to be known as.

On “Fox and Friends Weekend” they read Meeks’ rap sheet which is as “long as a leg.” He was a member of the notorious Crips, gang, which is one of the country's biggest gangs and they are known for their violence. The Mail Online today reports that the people going crazy for this guy online don’t seem to care about the “ugly truth of the blue-eyed smooth criminal.”

Meeks’ mother and sister took to the media yesterday to let everyone know that Jeremy left the gang life behind seven years ago when he found God. Mom believes her son is being stereotyped because of his many gang tattoos, in which some are visible in his mugshot along his neck and on his face.

Meeks’ rap sheet includes weapons charges, which he is in jail for today with a $1 million bail price on his head. The bail amount was increased at his Friday arraignment. When he was first incarcerated on Wednesday his bail was set at $900,000.

He was caught in a sweep carried out by FBI, local police and other law enforcement agencies. He is also facing a gang-related charge. Meeks was stopped while driving his car on Wednesday with two passengers in the car. According to the San Joaquin County District Attorney arrest came after:

"A search of the passenger compartment yielded a 9mm round of ammunition and a small amount of what is believed to be marijuana. A search of the trunk located an unregistered and loaded ....45 caliber semiautomatic handgun along with two extended magazines."

The Stockton Police are baffled by all this attention awarded this man because of his mugshot which appeared on their Facebook page after his arrest. They call him one of the most violent criminals in their area. Meeks mother and sister took to the media yesterday to defend him. His mother calls him a "sweet son" and she is hoping all this attention he is getting will help her raise the $25,000 she needs for his legal fees. She has made a plea for help with donations. As of Friday she had raised a little under $500 so far.

He is not someone that you would want to bring home to mom, as he is a violent criminal with a long history to prove it. Yes, the man took a particularly good mugshot and his eyes are a piercing blue, but he is still very dangerous according to the police in Stockton.

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