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Jeremy Meeks' mugshot goes viral after Stockton Police post on Facebook

Jeremy Meeks was arrested on Wednesday in Stockton Calif. but it's not his crime that is getting him attention. The 30-year old suspect was arrested on felony gun charges during a sting operation. It wasn't until the Stockton Police Department posted Jeremy Meeks' mugshot on their Facebook page that the public started to notice. On Thursday USA Today reported on the viral mugshot of Meeks as it continues to gain momentum online.

The mugshot of Jeremy Meeks went viral after the Stockton Police Department posted it on their Facebook page.
Stockton Police Department Official Facebook

The comments below Meeks' mugshot on Facebook and other outlets that reported it is pretty telling about society. Despite the fact that Meeks was arrested for felon gun possession and is credited as part of a recent spike in violence in the already dangerous California city, Meeks has gained a social media following because of his good looks.

In just one day, Jeremy Meeks' mugshot has been liked on Facebook more than 16,000 times. The picture and caption from the Stockton Police Department page has been shared more than 550 times. The comment below the mugshot prove that looks matter a whole lot and Meeks has begum a little jailhouse fan club. Mostly women have commented on how handsome Meeks is. Several comments talk about how he should be a model and not a criminal. Several women inquired about the amount to bail him out.

What should have been a story about Stockton Police Department's success in the multi-agency sting that took four dangerous criminals off the streets has now turned into a circus surrounding what is being called the hottest mugshot ever. It's undeniable, Jeremy Meeks is a good looking man with unusual ice blue eyes, amazing bone structure and a pout that would melt many women.

The problem here though is that he is a criminal. Three other men were arrested along with Meeks and they aren't attracting anywhere near as much attention. The Stockton Police are working hard with many other police units and doing a great job ridding the streets of many weapons offenders and should be applauded for it. Instead, women are ogling over one of their suspects and offering to pay his bail. It's a safe bet that Jeremy Meeks has plenty of money on his books.

What do you think of the attention given to Jeremy Meeks for his recent mugshot? Should criminals be ogled over because they are better looking than average?

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