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Jeremy Meeks mug shot spawns #FelonyCrushFriday, bail upped to $1 million

Jeremy Meeks' handsome viral mug shot makes him a #FelonyCrushFriday fave on Twitter
Stockton Police Department

Accidental social media celebrity Jeremy Meeks wants people to know that he’s no gangster. As HLN reports (June 20), the 30-year-old convicted felon spoke out about his viral mug shot being the talk of the internet.

As seen in video footage of a jailhouse interview with News10/KXTV, Meeks addresses his instant internet fame. “I just visited my wife and she said that I blew up all over Facebook,” Meeks said. Now that Meeks has officially reached internet celebrity status, he wants his fans all over the world to know that he’s not a gangster. Well, at least not anymore. "I just want them to know, I’m not some kingpin," Meeks said.

Meeks, a convicted felon who served a prison term of 9 years for grand theft, was arrested with three other men in Stockton, CA on Wednesday. The Stockton Police Department has updated its Facebook page to reveal that Meeks has been charged with possession of a firearm along with other gang related charges. Currently being held in the San Joaquin County jail, Meeks’ bail has increased from $900,000 to $1,000,000 and his next court date is set for June 27.

As the Huffington Post reports, it’s alleged that Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier has set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $25,000 to raise bail money. “Please help. My son was taken into custody on his way to work. He is a working man with a son. He is being stereotyped due to old tattoos,” Angier said. It’s unclear at this time whether the donation page is valid or not.

Meeks’ striking good looks caught the attention of many women (and some men), who posted lustful comments under his mug shot pic on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. Following receiving thousands of likes on Facebook, over 75,000 at the time this article was written, Meeks’ mug shot undoubtedly started the Twitter trending topic, #FelonyCrushFriday.

Some clever Twitter user even Photoshopped the handsome felon into a suit and tie. “This dude turned his mugshot into a Calvin Klein ad,” @FunnyPicsDepot posted on Friday. And it doesn't stop there. One user on Instagram posted a photo of a Jeremy Meeks iPhone case. “New phone case #freebae,” posted Instagram selfmadetyra.

Not all of social media is completely mesmerized by Meeks’ dreamy blue eyes. “America is really f*ed up! Giving a suspected gang member in possession of a firearm more attention/recognition than a fallen police officer. This country is on a rapid descent into ignorance and lawlessness,” Michelle O’ Laughlin commented.

According to the Stockton Police Department, a search of the car Meeks was the driver of uncovered a 9mm round of ammunition, a .45 caliber semi-automatic and two extended magazines.

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