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Jeremy Meeks: Hottest criminal mug shot? 'Sexy' man has women ready to post bail

Jeremy Meeks has one hot mug shot that makes women swoon
Jeremy Meeks has one hot mug shot that makes women swoon
Twitter Photo File, 7 Online

Jeremy Meeks is the name of the man being called one “sexy” criminal this week, and apparently has some women ready to post bail for him. The man’s mug shot has become a viral hit on Facebook, with the article already receiving over 30,000 likes on the social media site. While people may want the cell number of this 30-year-old felon, NBC News reports this Thursday, June 19, that Meeks is being accused of some serious crimes — five illegal weapon charges and one gang involvement charge.

Before many readers even got into the gravity of Jeremy Meeks and his alleged crimes, they simply stopped at the picture. If anything, they themselves were guilty of wanting this criminal’s number. A number of comments posted on this sexy man’s photo state that he has everything in the good looks department: perfect cheekbones, an impossibly chiseled face and jawline, and piercing blue eyes.

“I think he should be on America’s Next Top Model, not jail,” wrote on women.

“He can put me in handcuffs ANY DAY,” wrote another of Jeremy Meeks.

According to the police report, the Stockton Police Department has never once received this much attention or viral activity towards any other mug shot photo in history. It seems that the illicit weapons and gang involvement charges aren’t scaring the ladies away from this “hottest criminal ever.” The 30-year-old has quite a fan base if he ever gets out of jail.

"I have not seen that many likes for a photo before," admitted one police officer in utter awe.

The Huffington Post adds today that the arrest photo of Jeremy Meeks has more than just Facebook likes. It has received roughly 10,000 comments and counting, while people across the Web and various social media networks — including Twitter — are sharing the photo.

"Wow. That is one good looking mug shot!" one person wrote.

"Momma, I'm in love with a criminal," another joked.

Of course, not everyone is moved by the good looks that Jeremy Meeks possesses. As one commenter put it, no matter how sexy a man is or how handsome he looks in a mug shot, it’s a crime photo nonetheless. One woman on Facebook noted rationally that she wouldn’t be ready to pay his bail, despite the suspect being cute:

"He may be a tad bit cute, but with six felonies, he ain't that cute."

Three other men were also taken into custody with Meeks. The police assignment in which the four criminal suspects were arrested was called Operation Ceasefire, an expansive mission in California that works to counter the dangerously rising counts of shootings and burglaries in the Stockton community in particular. A total of four weapons were confiscated from Jeremy Meeks, who was called by one official as “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.”

This hot criminal is currently being held on $900,000 bail. Suffice to say, that despite his newfound popularity, few women would be willing to pay that sum or endanger themselves with the man.

“Sigh. He is a pretty picture to dream about, though,” sums up one girl in a comment. What do you think of this viral mug shot? Is this Adonis' looks worth all the online hype?

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