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Jeremy Meeks felon: Mesmerizing mugshot goes viral, wooers vow $900,000 in bail

The felon whose good-looking mug shot has gone viral after it was posted on the Stockton Police Facebook page now has admirers vowing to get him out of jail by raising his $900,000 bail. Jeremy Meeks, who is described by a local police spokesperson as one of their “most violent” criminals, is so good-looking that enamored fans are now trying to raise his bail, according to the Christian Post on June 20.

The handsome felon's mugshot that went viral this week has become an overnight heartthrob of the social networks with some vowing to bail him out. His bail is at $900,000.
Stockton Police Facebook Page

Yes, the man is gorgeous, but he was just arrested on gang-related weapons charges. For those women out there that like the bad boys, this is about as bad as it gets! The police arrested him on Wednesday and his mugshot was posted on the Stockton, California Police Facebook page. By Friday morning there are close to 60,000 likes, 20,000 comments and 6,000 shares on his mugshot.

The people commenting on his Facebook mugshot post are professing their love and equating this guy with a model. He is riddled with tattoos on his neck and he has that black tear drop tattooed in the corner of his eye. This is not a guy you would want to take home to mother.

According to Us Weekly, there is already a hashtag "#freeJeremyMeeks" online. People have created ads using Photoshop and Meeks' face for Calvin Klein. Meeks arraignment is today and there is no word on how that went as of yet. For one thing the 30-year-old Meeks might be surprised to find out he's become an overnight heartthrob within the online world.

The archives are full of stories of women marrying men who are behind bars without even meeting them until they were incarcerated. People banning together to get this guy out of jail by trying to raise money for his bail is not much different. They seem to be in love with some type of fantasy.

The New York Posts reports that there are an abundance of women ready to marry men who are convicted of violent crimes and doing time behind bars. Two well-known criminals of modern day married women they didn’t meet until after they were convicted of killing their parents and were put behind bars.

Killers Lyle and Erik Menendez both married women while incarcerated. Lyle married twice behind bars, once to a Playboy model and the second time to an editor who became an attorney.

Scott Peterson who not only murdered his wife, but also his unborn child was inundated with romantic fan mail when he first was put in prison. One teenager wanted to marry him within the first week he was incarcerated. The list goes on. One of the more recent hookups is Joran Van Der Sloot, who is serving time in a Peru jail after being convicted of killing a woman in that country. He is set to marry a pregnant girl.

The marriage was announced last month with no date given, but the wedding was due to happen sometime soon. After he gets out of the Peru jail, which he will one day, U.S. officials are waiting for him in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

While he was never charged with that crime he did extort money from her mother promising to tell her where her daughter’s body was. She paid, but he never came through with that information.

So what is it with these people? Why would they jump on Facebook wanting to get Jeremy Meeks out of jail today, is this a fantasy of coming to this man’s rescue? Don’t they realize that a pretty boy like Meeks more than likely has an equally tough woman out there who is waiting for him?

The thought of freeing him because of his looks is almost like a sickness. It is one thing to say the man is gorgeous, on the outside he is. But with the police calling him one of their most "violent criminals," he doesn't sound too gorgeous on the inside. Is it the risk taking factor that infatuates people with these violent criminals?

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