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Jeremy Calvert threatens to file for divorce from Leah Messer-Calvert

'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert enjoys a Mike's Hard Lemonade
Leah Calvert/Twitter

Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy have been at odds since "Teen Mom 2" season five began, and as the season plays out, things have gotten more and more out of hand. In fact, things have gotten so strained in their marriage that Jeremy has considered calling it quits with Leah.

On April 2, Wetpaint Entertainment revealed that Jeremy recently threatened to file for divorce.

"I figured we would be more important than his job," Leah confided to her mom while Jeremy was away on one of his many work trips. "I don't exist to him when he leaves."

And while Leah has expressed her grievances to Jeremy himself, he seems to think she's being unreasonable. After all, he is the family's sole provider (aside from the family's "Teen Mom 2" paycheck), so it's important that his career is a priority. Sure, he could call more, but when it comes to traveling for work, that is something he needs to do.

"He's just not the same person anymore," Leah tearfully told her friend. "I feel so bad for Adalynn cause he may have talked to her twice since he's been gone. Wouldn't he wanna see her? Facetime us, talk to use for an hour. I want him to say 'I miss you so much, I love you, I cant wait to be home holding you and the girls.' That's what I want. I just don't understand. And now he's telling me he's going to file for divorce."

Luckily for Leah, Jeremy hasn't yet filed for divorce, but clearly, these two have some serious issues, and if they don't get to the bottom of them, their relationship is doomed.

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