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Jeremy Calvert shows off $10,000 motorcycle after criticizing Leah's spending

'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert poses with her husband, Jeremy.
'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert poses with her husband, Jeremy.
Leah Calvert/Instagram

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Calvert were seen arguing with one another about their finances on a recent episode of "Teen Mom 2." According to Jeremy, Leah spends way too much of their household income, but according to Leah, her major expenses are all needed.

In the latest episode, Leah spent $2,000 getting started as a consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, and while she did so to ensure future income for the family, Jeremy slammed her for giving so much money to the company up front. However, with a bike worth nearly $10,000, he may not have much room to talk.

"Considering that Jeremy screamed at Leah about her spending habits [on "Teen Mom 2"], it's slightly surprising that he took to Twitter to show off a picture of his bike, which appears to be a 2010 Honda CBR," Wetpaint Entertainment reported on Aug. 5. "Honda CBRs cost close to $10,000 even when they're used, so is it really fair for Jeremy to judge Leah for spending money on Mary Kay?"

On "Teen Mom 2," Jeremy claimed to be concerned with saving money, not blowing it on stupid, unnecessary things, so for him to slam Leah for paying to work with Mary Kay, which is sure to bring them income, seems completely out of line.

Since tying the knot in April 2012, Leah and Jeremy have continued to feud over issues within their marriage. Leah, who has been with MTV for several years now, doesn't love her husband's demanding work schedule and wants him home more. But with her mounting medical bills for Ali (she recently claimed she was in a financial crisis over her daughter's health), someone has to be working. They also fight over Jeremy's alleged control issues when it comes to Leah.

Hopefully, these two will get to a better place in their marriage.

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