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Jeremy and Ryan: Two guys with a whole lot of sound...and spirit

Jeremy Shoop and Ryan Clouse spread hope with their hit single "Never Alone".
Jeremy Shoop and Ryan Clouse spread hope with their hit single "Never Alone".
From the archives of "Jeremy and Ryan"

When “Jeremy and Ryan” take to the stage, there may only be two people performing live, yet with their pre-recorded tracks as accompaniment, the duo creates the feeling of an entire band.

Add to this, their zeal for the Lord, and these music men create an even larger sensation, one filled with faith, hope and love.

Armed with a belief that their musical talent should be used to spread goodness, Jeremy Shoop and Ryan Clouse are not shy to say they are believers. And in the process of making music that praises God, they hope to not only entertain their audiences but provide a bit of inspiration, as well.

As Christian Rock artists, they are doing just that.

It was more than fifteen years ago, while in junior high school, that Shoop and Clouse first met at a West Valley Catholic church, as participants in the youth choir there. In the ensuing years, the two young musicians continued to hone their musical talent, and eventually helped form the alternative rock band Just Cause.

This being Los Angeles, the band naturally made its way to the Hollywood club scene; they were good enough to land a few television spots and even a few gigs in Las Vegas, too. For a number of years, the guys were busy making music…and memories that could last a lifetime.

Yet there came a time when they say they “hit the ceiling” and the band subsequently dissolved.

In an industry that has no shortage of talented hopefuls, it could have been the end of Shoop and Clouse’s musical careers.

Instead, it was only the beginning.

Shoop and Clouse were soon reunited through the youth choir at their church Holy Cross in Moorpark, only this time around, they would be the ones leading young people.

Now as directors of several musical-related church groups, the duo is in the unique position of helping others realize their musical gifts, while at the same time, Shoop and Clouse are discovering new opportunities to grow their own talent.

Besides performing at a variety of churches and retreats throughout California, Shoop and Clouse have found new inspiration to write and compose music with a clear Christian slant.

One of their newest singles “Never Alone” had its genesis this year at
Youth Day, an annual spiritual rally held at the Anaheim Convention Center and sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Each year the event has a special theme, this year’s being: “Never Alone, Forever Accepted!” As one of the participating musical groups, “Jeremy and Ryan” performed for countless youth and shared their uplifting message of hope.

Previous to the late Pope John Paul II initiating World Youth Day in 1984, the diocese had instituted its first Youth Rally, in 1971, as part of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. This inaugural gathering of young people would become a catalyst for future Youth Days that now attract as many as 15,000 students from various vicinities.

When Youth Day 2015 is held on March 12th next year, “Jeremy and Ryan” will be featured performers in the Arena joyously spreading the Word.

In the meantime, the two musicians expect to continue writing original material and entertaining audiences wherever they go.

This weekend, they’re headed to the annual fiesta at St. Didacus Church in the northeast San Fernando Valley, where they’ll be giving a free concert after they received a request from Pastor Robert Garon.

“We’re just hoping a bunch of people come out (to St. Didacus’ fiesta),” said Shoop, “to hear some great music and spend some time with some really cool guys.”

(“Jeremy and Ryan” will be performing on Friday, June 6, from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. at the Fiesta at St. Didacus Catholic Church, 14325 Astoria Street, Sylmar 91342. Admission is free.)

(“Never Alone”, as well as other music by “Jeremy and Ryan” is available on iTunes, Amazon and a variety of other music outlets.)

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