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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jeremy Abbott shows Olympic spirit after hard fall; completes program (photos)

American figure skater Jeremy Abbott can’t seem to catch a break at the Winter Olympics. On Thursday the skater fell during the quadruple jump and he laid on the ice in pain. The ten seconds that the world watched felt like forever. Would the star get back up? It appeared that nobody was worried about his finishing, but everyone was worried about his injury. According to USA Today on Thursday, the figure skater decided to get up and finish after hearing the crowd start to cheer.

Jeremy Abbott falls during Men Short Program at Sochi Olympics
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Jeremy Abbott found the Olympic spirit just seconds after one of the worst spills seen on the ice Thursday. He got up and finished his program with the audience cheering him on every step of the way.

What happened next probably is what America will be most proud off. Shaking off the fall, Jeremy Abbott landed a triple lutz-triple toe combination. Then he showed off his triple axel. Once finished the crowd offered their appreciation and cheered loudly. American's were cheering at home too.

Hopefully Jeremy Abbott is feeling OK after that nasty fall. Anyone who wasn’t an Olympic athlete might have needed to be carried off the ice as it looked really bad. Perhaps that’s the difference of being a champion and an athlete. A champion always gets up, dusts off and keeps going no matter how tough the situation is!

Take a look at Jeremy Abbott on the Sochi ice. Win or lose, the figure skater has fans in America cheering him on!

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