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Jeremiah Wright to give keynote speaker at MLK Day event in Chicago

Jeremiah Wright
Jeremiah Wright
Liberty Unyielding

Martin Luther King Day is just around the corner. The White House has not yet released the president’s schedule for that day. If he is planning to commemorate the occasion in his adopted hometown of Chicago, he may share a podium with his erstwhile spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

EAGNews’s Kyle Olson reports that the incendiary preacher and practitioner of black liberation theology has been invited by the Chicago Teachers Union to deliver the keynote address this coming Monday.

Is the move controversial? Yes, and for the CTU that is no problem:

Crain’s Chicago Business reported, ‘The union’s faith outreach coordinator, Audrey May, said that while Mr. Wright may be controversial, ‘Dr. King was a controversial person also. Who better to address our audience than Rev. Wright?’

The Wright kerfuffle — which centered on the preacher’s history of racist, anti-American, and anti-Semitic comments — ended, at least to the satisfaction of the mainstream media, when Obama threw Wright under the bus. Of that action, May told Crain’s that Obama “did what he needed to do,” adding, “The community still embraces the leadership of Rev. Wright.”

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