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Jeremiah Heaton: Amazing dad buys African country, makes daughter a princess

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Jeremiah Heaton from Virginia did something amazing for his daughter -- he claimed a small country in Africa. While you might not think this is a big deal, it actually is. Heaton, you see, came through on his promise to make his 7-year-old daughter a princess. According to The New York Daily News, Heaton purchased an 800-square-mile mountainous patch between Sudan and Egypt. The country, called Bir Tawil, was not claimed by Sudan or Egypt, making it available for Heaton (or anyone else) to claim it as his own.

Heaton made his way to Africa along with a flag -- chosen by his children -- to claim his land after getting the go-ahead from the Egyptian government. But how did this all come about?

Jeremiah Heaton says that he and his daughter, Emily, got to talking about princesses. When she asked her dad if she would ever be a real princess, he told her that she would. Then he gave it some good thought, and decided to do whatever he could to try and make this happen for his little girl. Now, Emily is the princess of Bir Tawil -- which has a population of zero, but who cares?

Heaton said:

"Over the winter, Emily and I were playing and she has a fixation on princesses. She asked me in all seriousness if she'd be a real princess someday and I said she would."

Jeremiah Heaton says that he plans to "pursue formal recognition with African nations." Regardless of whether or not Emily's new royal title means anything, it's still very cool -- and something that has gotten international attention. It is hard to imagine any one going so out of their way just to make a dream like this come true, but Heaton did just that.

Check out the video above for more.



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