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‘Jeopardy’ turns 50; fans watch America’s favorite quiz show live in LA (photos)

Jeopardy! is turning 50 on Sunday! What has become a staple in almost every household is America’s favorite game show and it all started on March 30, 1964. For fans who find the 30 minute television show a way to test their brain power, the show is fascinating and host Alex Trebek has really offers a fast paced game to appreciate. According to CNN on Friday, the show is celebrating one of the biggest milestones on television by turning 50 and the show is just as popular as it was the day the show debuted on NBC.

Emmy Awards greet audience members in the foyer. Studio audience experience watching Jeopardy!
J. Jill

For fans who are crazy about Jeopardy! the game is a perfect choice to test your smarts without leaving the comfort of your own home. Watching the game show live has to be one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles. We caught a taping recently and saw three shows taped back-to-back for airing in July. There is no doubt that fans who take the time to do the same will be satisfied to watch live too.

Free tickets are available online with crowds of people coming together on the taping date at the Sony Studio to be in the audience. After passing through security and taking a few pictures, everyone is ushered to a seat in the Jeopardy! studio for a chance to see Alex Trebek and the staff tape the show live.

The studio where contestants play the game is relatively big and across from the Wheel of Fortune studio. Cameras are stationed around the stage to capture every angle and the big game board is in color with all the noises heard just like on TV. The setup allows the audience to play along. The hardest part of watching a live taping of Jeopardy! is not yelling out the answers for the contestants.

The way the game is seen at home is similar to what the fans who watch the live show experience. The small differences of how the show comes together, the clue crew and hearing Johnny Gilbert say “This is Jeopardy!” live makes the experience worthwhile.

One very unique aspect seen by the audience is the row of televisions and all the people watching the show. Producers, writers and other staff monitor the game live as the contestants play. Making the game fair is a priority. The staff verifies the answers are correct, the game is conducted fairly and that the buzzers work properly.

During the commercial breaks, Alex Trebek comes out to talk with the audience and answers questions. Sharing tidbits about his life and the game, the fans who loyally watch the show learn more about the 73-year-old host in the three minute increments than most people could research online. It's quite thrilling to have questions answered by the host and people asked questions on all sorts of topics.

After seeing a taping of Jeopardy! fans get a new appreciation of how hard the staff works to make the show perfect. Everything, down to audience participation by clapping, is calculated for the viewer’s enjoyment. The audience realizes that being on the show might look easy for contestants, but it is a tough and it takes lots of brains while calculating risk on the spot.

America’s favorite quiz show might be fifty years old, but it is has grown to be one of the best game shows that Hollywood has to offer. And watching a live taping of the show when in Los Angeles is a perfect idea for anyone who wants to find out where Alex Trebek asks all the game show questions.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of all our pictures from the day we arrived on set. Happy 50th anniversary Jeopardy!

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