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Jeopardy Hall of Fame: Question known to all baseball fans stumps 3 contestants

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy
Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy
YouTube Media Screenshot,

A Jeopardy Hall of Fame question was able to stump 3 very intelligent female contestants this week. While the answer did not come easy to those on the show, Yahoo! Sports reveals this Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014, that was has made this topic such a popular one this weekend is that the response was a cinch for any baseball fans, or those even remotely knowledgeable of America’s pastime. While most of the time Jeopardy teaches us many things — not least of which is how little viewers know about the world — here was one unique case that people in the audience likely knew right away, while these capable contestants could not.

The Jeopardy Hall of Fame clue was of course posed by Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. Although baseball fans likely instantly shouted out the answer during a recent episode’s Final Jeopardy question that asked about the baseball Hall of Fame. Here was the clue:

“354 wins did not overcome the controversy as this ex-Red Sox pitcher didn’t make the Hall of Fame cut in 2013.”

The correct response is “Who is Roger Clemens?” Any even casual baseball aficionado could have come up with the answer without skipping a beat, but these 3 female contestants were seriously stumped. All of their responses made sense at least, but the unmistakable chuckle and shocked reaction from Alex Trebek was likely the biggest Jeopardy win of all during the episode.

The first answer was “Who is Pete Rose?” Nope.

Next was Stacy with her try on the Jeopardy Hall of Fame query, who guessed “Who is Curt Schilling?” Even closer this time, but no cigar.

And finally, Sarah went with her final answer: “Who is Mark McGwire?”

Another Hall of Fame baseball star, but still far from the mark. Sometimes it goes to show that knowing just a little bit about a wide variety of topics, including sports, is better than specializing in only “academic” areas.

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