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Jeopardy Hall of Fame: All 3 game players flub trivia question

Alex Trebek of "Jeopardy."
Alex Trebek of "Jeopardy."
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

A Jeopardy Hall of Fame question involving with the sports world appeared on the hit game show recently and the answer all three contestants gave was drastically off-base, according to various reports. NBCSports reported Jan. 17 that the question Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, asked the contestants was about baseball player, Roger Clemens of the Boston Red Sox.

The Jeopardy Hall of Fame question asked by Trebek was this:

"354 wins did not overcome the controversy as this ex-Red Sox pitcher didn’t make the Hall of Fame cut in 2013."

Gudrun was the first contestant up to give his response. He named Pete Rose -- who was neither a pitcher nor a player on the Red Sox team. He also was not on the 2013 ballot.

Second to answer was Stacy. She guessed Curt Schilling. It was a good guess, but was not the right answer. Schilling was with the the Red Sox and a player on the 2013 ballot, and at times was controversial. The big difference was his winning record. He retired with 216 wins.

The third contestant -- Sarah -- answered Mark McGwire for the Jeopardy Hall of Fame question. McGwire was not a pitcher, but on the 2013 ballot and was also controversial.

Trebek told the contestants that Roger Clemens was the correct answer.

“Obviously, you’re hoping that baseball does not come up as a topic in the second round," Trebek said.

The Jeopardy Hall of Fame question was a no-brainer to baseball fans, otherwise this headline would not have made trending news. Should the players have known the correct answer was Roger Clemens?

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