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'Jeopardy' flub stuns fans; Alex Trebek asks 'What is selenophobia?' (video)

"Jeopardy" is the game show for really smart people. Every weekday around the country people watch contestants being quizzed on topics relating to our world. Sometimes viewers learn new thing and other times it is a laugh out loud moment. On Friday “The Ellen Show” shared a “Jeopardy” flub that had people laughing hysterically. Of course, it was the response of the contestant which made people giggle.

Alex Trebek asked a simple question and well, he got an answer that made everyone just blush. With the Daily Double question, Alex Trebek asked the contestant what was “Selenophobia.” Looking stumped it was the answer that had everyone laughing.

“What is the fear of Mexican music stars,” answered Michelle almost laughing herself as she spewed out her own answer. Not surprisingly the answer was incorrect. Selenophobia is the fear of the moon. So she wasn’t that close to making a correct response.

Luckily, her opponents were both down $200 and she only wagered $600, so she was still in the lead in the game. While some might have questioned her decision of being afraid of certain types of Mexican music stars it does make a little sense as one of the biggest stars from Mexico in music was Selena.

OK, maybe not as much sense as people would like, but nonetheless the “Jeopardy” flub was a perfect way to remind everyone that some words don’t need to have definitions that makes sense. Who looks at the moon and thinks that they have selenophobia?

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