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'Jeopardy!' contestant wins 18 shows in a row; Julia Collins breaks records

Alex Trebek hosts Jeopardy!
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for TV Land

The fans of “Jeopardy” are surprised and delighted to see another big milestone for the game show. On Wednesday, the 30-year-old contestant Julia Collins earned her 18th victory on the show. The shocking moment had viewers impressed as the contestant is one match shy of tying the show's second place record of 19 wins. According to the Chicagoist on Wednesday, the contestant is already proud of her accomplishment as she holds the third place record for most wins and the overall women's record for most "Jeopardy!" wins.

Currently, with 18 victories the contestant has won $391,600 on the game show and it hasn’t been easy. Competing show after show, the contestant takes on two new opponents each 30 minute segment in hopes to beat them and win the round

The next big goal of Julia Collins on the show is to see if she can unseat the 2nd place record which is winning 19 games in a row. If she wins the game on Thursday she is well on her way toward the number one record. However, fans might understand what a daunting task it could be to win the most games in a row. Ken Jennings holds the record as he won 74 games straight and was an unstoppable opponent.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting on Wednesday that the contestant is a former New Trier High School student and went to Wellesley College. Viewers in the Chicago area are expected to tune in to support their local star battle two new contestants in Thursday's episode. Fans of the show will also be intently watching the results.

The “Jeopardy!” show is filmed at the Sony Studios lot in Los Angeles. As the game show are typically filmed consecutively with up to five tapings a day, depending on the weekly schedule. This would have meant Julia Collins would have played “Jeopardy!” every day for almost a week.

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