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Jenny Mollen is Howard Stern's kind of woman

Jenny Mollen likes you just the way she is.
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Jenny Mollen just freaked out Howard Stern, and that's no easy task.

The author, actress and wife of "Orange Is the New Black" star Jason Biggs appeared on Monday's Howard Stern Show to talk about hiring a hooker for her husband, having sex with her stepbrother and other outrageous true stories from her new memoir "I Like You Just the Way I Am" which hit bookstores Tuesday.

Inspired by a series of essays Mollen first wrote for Playboy's "The Smoking Jacket," the book chronicles Mollen's bizarre, desperate and hilarious attempts to find love and approval after surviving a traumatic childhood, disillusionment with Hollywood and the ultimate kiss of death for any narcissist: marrying the famous actor guy who had sex with the pie.

Stern has interviewed some of the most outrageous personalities in pop culture history, but even he was blown away by Mollen's stories of growing up with a mother who insisted she get a fake ID at age 15 so she could "hang out" without cramping her mom's style.

“When I hear about your life, it’s pretty wild," Stern told Mollen.

But the ultimate endorsement came when Mollen told Stern about the time she sent an anonymous message to her sister saying "You were molested" with a photo of their toothless grandfather holding Mollen's sibling lovingly on his lap.

“Oh my God," said Stern. "You have some warped sense of humor.”

Mollen told Stern that her memoir of lewd exploits stemmed both from her lack of respect for social mores as well as her drive to make her husband and everyone else around her uncomfortable. The actress, who recently appeared on "Girls" and "Wilfred," says her decision to hire a hooker for Biggs' birthday was inspired more by her husband's apprehension than anything else.

"The thrill [was] really making him do something he [didn’t] want to do. I mean, that’s what’s exciting to me…If he wanted to do it I think I’d be over it.”

“This is where either she’s got a screw loose or she’s the greatest woman on the planet," said Stern.

As if getting called "wild" by the King of All Media wasn't intense enough, Stern said he found Mollen's persona so fascinating that he might even be willing to take a break from staring at a wall to crack open a book:

“I might have to read your book," said Stern. "It seems like there’s something interesting going on there.”

"I Like You Just the Way I Am" is available from and the handful of brick-and-mortar bookstores your toothless grandfather still shops at.

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