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Jenny McCarthy whips up Twitter storm: Called 'pathetic hypocrite' online

Jenny McCarthy gets a nasty backwash from some Twitter followers.
Jenny McCarthy gets a nasty backwash from some Twitter followers.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy got blasted on Twitter after she shared her views on childhood vaccinations. McCarthy has been a strong force against childhood vaccinations since her son was diagnosed with autism in 2005, according to Fox News on March 18.

McCarthy’s views are shared by many, that the vaccinations have a link to autism. She stated her case very well during a 2008 interview with Larry King. She explained that in 1983 there were 10 shots that kids were expected to get for vaccinations. Today there is a series of 36 shots. At same time that the shots were upped in number, the number of autism cases spiked.

"The View" co-host also made a plea to the drug companies during her interview with King back then. She asked them to eliminate the toxins and mercury from the vaccinations that kids across the nation get every day.

This latest round of criticism that McCarthy is getting on Twitter came after she asked her followers on Twitter, “What is the most important personality trait for you in a mate?” That question went out to her 1.3 million followers.

Some of the replies she received were just down-right nasty. Here are some of the replies she got:

“Somebody who gets that refusing vaccines because of ‘toxins’ and then shilling for e-cigs makes you a pathetic hypocrite.”

“Someone who doesn’t spread false info causing disease.”

“Someone who think vaccines are safe, Botox is poisonous and who doesn’t pick their nose and eat it on MTV."

McCarthy didn’t miss a beat and never let one of those nasty comments get under her skin. She tweeted:

"Thank you to all the haters who tweet my name. You make my Q SCORE higher and higher. It's because of you I continue to work. Thank you! : )"

McCarthy, 41, isn’t the only Hollywood mom that isn’t fond of childhood vaccinations. Kristin Cavallari revealed recently that her 18-month-old son, Camden, has not been vaccinated. This was a decision she made with her husband Jay Cutler. She is pregnant with baby number two today!

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