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Jenny McCarthy softens her stance on the MMR vaccine as cause of autism



  • rentaghar 6 years ago

    Where does JM lighten up on MMR? She is still associated with TACA and Generation Rescue is not her own organization, she has agreed to be the public face of it.

    Her message is formost about Hope and that Austim is reversible and preventable. You see, many of us have been let down by our Pediatricians, Dev. Ped, Neuro Peds and the whole line of inept characters who to this day still do not know squat as a community about our SICK kids. They take our money and offer nothing other than a few dangerous pharmaceuticals to mask annoying symptoms and a script to therapy.

    Listen to the parents and study our kids, start with those who have recovered.

  • curt Linderman sr 6 years ago

    Yes, her stance has been to "green the vaccines" but tell that to a parent, like myself, that walked a beautiful, perfectly developing 20 month old boy into a pediatricians office and within two days had an autistic child that lost all of his verbal skills, very sick, 3 1/2 years of diarhea and absolutely NO answers from his doctor! I'm no huge fan of Jenny, but I appreciate what she has done to bring the cause of autism to the forefront.

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