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Jenny McCarthy may just impair the future for autism awareness

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There is no simple explanation as to how networks choose co-hosts for talk shows. The bottom line is always to bump ratings and money. ABC's The View is posturing for one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of the show. Barbara Walters is retiring and Elizabeth Hasselbeck is leaving. The apparent "shot in the arm" (no pun intended) is Jenny McCarthy, autism and anti-vaccine activist.

While Ms. McCarthy's tone on vaccines has tempered, her shock jock format has not. USA Today has published Jenny McCarthy's most outrageous Quotes, my personal favorite "Let me see if I can put this in scientific terms: Think of autism like a fart, and vaccines are the finger you pull to make it happen." -- while discussing her son Evan's autism"

I wrote the article (below) in April of 2009.

Frankly I am tired of the sensationalizing of vaccines vs. autism. It's exhausting. Sadly, this argument is personified due to the influence of celebrity fight club antics.

I do not doubt that Jenny McCarthy loves her son. I do not doubt that Jim Carey is invested in this relationship. It is actually none of my business anyway. However, and this is a big caveat, their voices are now speaking for my son's disease. That is my business.

Another chapter in this public drama aired on Larry King Live last week. I become physically tense when I witness people believing in their own hype. Consequently I was determined to re-watch the podcast interview of Larry King with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey and counterpoint from the medical community.

I took copious notes as I viewed the segment, and you know what? Watch it yourself and make your own decisions.

My only comment is this. Jim Carey stated "I believe in my heart that autism is preventable and reversible. I witnessed Jenny pull Evan through the window". He attributes this "miracle" to Jenny's tenacity, diet, and biomedical intervention. Jenny claims that Evan is "completely recovered"...and "un-diagnosed".

I can only respond with my own story. We pulled our son "thorough the window" with hard work: speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies. He talks and communicates and has become a vital member of society, WITHOUT biomedical intervention or special diet, or chelation. He did have vaccines, along with his siblings of the same age. However, he has autism, they do not.

Nevertheless there are thousands of children out there that had the same therapies as my child and they remain impaired. It tells me that the answers beg to be found.

Autism and Jenny McCarthy to Infinity details another early interview, when Ms. McCarthy tackles scientists, while speaking and not listening, further establishing the "shock jock" element.

The heated discussion came to a boiling point when Ms. McCarthy was hovering every syllable emanating from the medical team. She sat perched, ready to pounce, trying to discredit testimony. Finally Dr. Karp softly stated, "Jenny, let's bring it down a notch for a sec". I became very sad for all of us. Does a frenzied mother seem panic stricken or diligent? We do need to be heard, but not at the expense of our children. According to Ms. McCarthy, "the tide has come and they are trying to hold back an ocean." She also, between breaths, has charged that she cannot wait to see Dr.Julie Gerberding, (director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention), eat her words" McCarthy promises to be at the front of the line for that.

I for one would like to be at the front of the line to see a cure for my son. The rest is simply "filler". Hopefully, The View will not be held hostage to sensational hype and encourage the conversation to help our children.

I like that. Help not Hype Autism Awareness.

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