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Jenny McCarthy lands new satellite radio show

Jenny McCarthy
Photo by Bryan Bedder

Jenny McCarthy is leaving "The View" and everyone knows that she is moving on to something new. She said that she would be doing something new and now fans know what is going on with her. On Tuesday, NY Daily News shared about her new satellite radio show.

This show will air once a week and is an hour long show. She said that it will be called, "Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy." It is starting on Wednesday. So far they have just said that this show will be a limited run. They are not agreeing to a certain number of shows but if it turns out great they will keep it around.

Jenny said, "It's no secret that I love to talk. I’m excited to do it on SiriusXM without having to interrupt anyone or keep things clean." She plans to have a lot of celebrity guests on the show to talk with her as well. So far she has already confirmed that Donnie Whalberg will be showing up. This is her fiance so that is not shocking at all.

She also admitted to Howard Stern that the show didn't fit her. Jenny said, ""I’ll tell you something Howard, it’s like halfway into it, it was probably around February, I went, 'God I’m not allowed to be the best of me here,' I feel like to have a voice, to be able to speak without having to interrupt people…It’s very difficult, and I don’t like doing it, it’s very uncomfortable, so I felt like, 'You know what? Maybe this is just a stepping stone for me to go somewhere where I can actually be my full self.'"

One other person that is coming on the show is Chelsea Handler. She has just shared that her show will be ending on E!. It would not be surprising to see her doing a talk show in the future as well. Chelsea did tell her fans already that she won't be on a network where she can't cuss and be herself. Jenny McCarthy will be able to do just that on her new radio show.

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