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Jenny McCarthy has Hillary Clinton regrets after joke on 'The View'

Jenny McCarthy shares regrets over Hillary Clinton made on The View.
Jenny McCarthy shares regrets over Hillary Clinton made on The View.
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz

Jenny McCarthy has some Hillary Clinton regrets, and she shared all about them in a new editorial she wrote for The Chicago Sun Times. The actress poked fun at the former first lady on an episode of "The View" that aired earlier this week. She hinted that Clinton was a lesbian, and now McCarthy regrets making the joke in the first place. The Spread It shared all about McCarthy's thoughts on the joke on July 27.

McCarthy is preparing to leave "The View" by the end of the summer, but her time on the series is not over yet. Earlier this week, the women on the talk show were discussing the latest on Bill Clinton. New allegations about his extramarital affairs have been released in a new book, and the women were talking about the possible reasons behind Bill's infidelity.

It was McCarthy that hinted that Bill has girls on the side because his wife has own girls on the side. It has long been hinted that Hillary Clinton is lesbian. It has even been rumored that she has a relationship with one of her female staffers. These allegations are just that though. Nothing has been proven about Hillary's sexuality. Bill and Hillary's love life has made news since his time in office though. His affair with Monica Lewinsky made headlines. No one will ever forget the infamous blue dress.

McCarthy also spoke about women sticking together and helping each other during the same episode of "The View." It was after she returned home that night that she realized she made herself look like a hypocrite. She wants to inspire other women, and she wants to be a role model. She realized her joke turned her into a 'gossip girl." Later that night, she felt guilty about the jab at Hillary, and she spoke out about it in her editorial. She said the following, according to The Wrap:

"How could I make a joke like that and then five minutes later preach about female empowerment? It makes me sad when I see women ripping on other women, and there I was making a joke about our possible first female president! Shame on me."

She continued on to say that she is a work in progress, and she hopes to become the inspiration to women that she wants to be. McCarthy has been at the center of some gossip in the media recently herself, so she knows how it feels. Recently, rumors started up about Jenny's relationship with her cousin. Her cousin is Melissa McCarthy. Reports surfaced that Jenny once told her cousin that she would not make it in Hollywood because of her weight. Another report surfaced that Jenny banned her cousin from her upcoming wedding to Donnie Wahlberg.

McCarthy denied both reports. She said the following about the rumors surrounding her and her cousin, according to People Magazine:

"She has accomplished everything she has accomplished through hard work and her extraordinary talent, and I've only ever encouraged and supported and wished her the very best. They also say that I've 'banned' Melissa from my upcoming wedding, which is also ridiculous," she says. "Donnie and I are planning a very intimate ceremony that will involve a very small group of our closest friends and that's it."

McCarthy also expressed her unhappiness over stories that pit women against each other in such a way. She did the same thing with her joke about Hillary, but she quickly realized her mistake. She apologized about it publicly as well. What is next for McCarthy? After her time on "The View" ends, the actress will take her comments to Sirius XM radio, her new show on the satellite provider debut earlier this month. McCarthy will share her thoughts on sex and dating during the show. For now, her fans can enjoy her final days on "The View."

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