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Jenny McCarthy dishes on her new book ‘Stirring the Pot’

Jenny McCarthy's new book
Jenny McCarthy's new book
photo courtesy of twitter

During the May 6 episode of The View, Jenny McCarthy shared the release of her new book, Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life. During the show McCarthy shared a few experiences from her life that have helped shape who she is today and how she transformed from a shy girl afraid to speak in public to talk show host and successful comedian.

Giving viewers a brief synopsis of her book, McCarthy shared some pivotal moments in her life that have helped in her growth as a person. McCarthy shares her experience as a single mother and later finding out that her son has autism. Also, McCarthy openly shared some embarrassing moments from her life.

During the taping of The View McCarthy shared her fear of public speaking and how it affected her performance in school. McCarthy claimed she dropped out of college due to lack of funds in part but was crippled with fear when it came to public speaking. The talk show host would vomit before her turn came to speak in her classes.

McCarthy shared a genetic curse passed down from her mother and the embarrassment that has come along with it. McCarthy and her sisters were “cursed” with a heavy menstrual cycle after giving birth, she claims. McCarthy shared how her mother would publically embarrass her as it relates to this “curse”. “My God you should wear a diaper to church”, the comedian’s mother proclaimed.

McCarthy’s new book Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life was released today. According to Long Island, NY bookstore, Book Revue McCarthy will be doing her first book signing for her new book on Wednesday May 7. Book Revue is located in Huntington, NY.

McCarthy has been a host on The View since the Fall of 2013 and recently got engaged to actor Donnie Wahlberg in April. McCarthy has one child, a 12 year old son named Evan.

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