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Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd finally talk about leaving 'The View'

Jenny McCarthy
Photo by Bryan Bedder

News came out about a week ago that Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd would be leaving "The View." Now they are both speaking out about it and even getting a little bit emotional. On Monday, People shared a bit about the pair that are leaving the show and what they have to say about it.

Sherri did admit that she knew in the spring she would be leaving the show but she didn't tell anyone right away. Jenny spoke out about leaving the show. When Sherri said she was going, Jenny said she would be going too.

Here is what Jenny had to say, "It is true, let me tell you what's going on. I am so grateful to have worked with Barbara Walters in her last year along with many producers and co-hosts, but after much consideration, I have a new job that will allow me to do what I do best, which is talk without having to interrupt anyone. I will be announcing it in the next few weeks and couldn't have been more grateful for the fans who have supported me, so stay tuned even if it does compete with "The View."

It looks like Jenny McCarthy found a new show. Since she said that she won't have to talk over people that probably means that she will be on her own talk show of some kind. Fans can't wait to hear where she is planning to go next but she didn't give them any hints yet. The news will come out in the next few weeks.

Sherri loves all of the girls on the show. She said, "I will forever be grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie for taking a chance on an actress and a comedian and making me learn things and step out of my comfort zone, for giving me a chance when everybody said that I shouldn't be at this table." One reason she waited to say she was leaving was because Barbara was retiring. Fans can't wait to hear who is going to be on "The View" next.

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