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Jenny McCarthy and Hobby Lobby

Jenny McCarthy: Medical Expert
Jenny McCarthy: Medical Expert
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Jenny McCarthy has been fired from The View. This column has never seen that program but is content with the decision to axe JM. Her talents are dubious and her views on vaccinations have created a dangerous situation in our country. It seems her medical credentials are limited to posing for Playboy. She has claimed that specific vaccinations are linked to autism.

So don’t have your child inoculated ever.

This column trusted the pediatrician over the D-list actress in determining health and medical choices for the column’s child.

Last year a quarter of a million parents did not vaccinate their children. Polio and whooping cough are returning to the United States. Watch out Somalia, we are in competition to become a third world country.

When this column’s son suffered a severe sports injury, a stripper was consulted about whether to get x-rays. Kidding. Again the doctor made all the decisions.

Which brings us to Hobby Lobby. Just an aside. David and Barbara Green are the billionaire owners of this privately held corporation. Who knew that many people had scrapbooks? Anyway, they did not want to offer contraceptives to their female employees because it went against the company’s religious beliefs.

Oh my God. Seriously. For the last time Mitt Romney and the Supreme Court, corporations are not people. If they are, start indicting them. In no particular order, how about Halliburton, Monsanto and BP. And bring charges in Texas, which likes the death penalty.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby. By the way, birth control is not abortion. Often this medicine, yes, medicine, is used to remedy a wide range of female ailments, including excessive bleeding, ovarian cancer and fibroids. (That would be 1.5 million women.)

And without such preventative measures, there will be more people who when faced with such a scenario and feel that they cannot have a child, may be forced to abort the pregnancy. Yes Hobby Lobby, to deny the means to preclude conception - will lead to more choices of termination.

Just an aside, if the Greens are separate from the 97 or so percent of Americans who do use birth control, and they only had three children, what can we conclude?

Just asking

Maybe Hobby Lobby will meet for a drink and explain, person to person, why he (she? it?) imports so much merchandise from China? And does the company’s religious ethos object to the working conditions in many of the overseas factories?

Which leads us back to Jenny McCarthy. What if she started a corporation? A privately held one that prepared women to tweet about medicine without having a college degree. Let’s say.

Would she have the right to exclude vaccinations from the health coverage?

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