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Jenny Lewis releases new single 'Voyager'

Jenny Lewis, seen here staring directly through you.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Jenny Lewis, best known for her work as lead singer and guitarist for the LA Rock Band Rilo Kiley, just released

"Voyager", the first song off her upcoming LP of the same name. You can listen to it here, after which point you’re going want to tell someone in your immediate vicinity that you love them. It’s that sort of song.

If the single is any indication, "Voyager" might be a bit of a departure for Lewis. While recent solo efforts like Acid Tongue have usually had a casual, relaxed tone, "Voyager" has an atmosphere that’s something else altogether. It’s far more echoing and soulful, even severe at moments, opening with an almost orchestral violin.

Lewis has always had a tendency to play with the macabre, but usually does so with a wry smile. Here she seems to have dropped that winking attitude, jumping headlong into themes of mortality and loss.

There’s a little less of the twanging country vibe to this one—Lewis isn't cheerfully invoking half-finished beers this go around. It’s more straight indie, almost comparable to early Cat Power, with just enough of familiar Jenny Lewis style to keep this a fun listen.

And what really hits is how isolated Lewis feels in throughout the song. No Watson Twins or any of her other usual back vocals; it’s just Jenny Lewis here, and the result is a strange combination of haunting and upbeat. This is really the ultimate culmination of Rilo Kiley’s breakup, the first album in which Lewis is 100% on her own, and it shows.

"Voyager" will be Lewis’ third solo effort, due to be released on July 29th. She’ll also be announcing touring dates to concur with the album’s release.

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