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Jenny Dell's plucked herself from Red Sox sidelines as love trumped career

Jenny Dell choses love over business, will she regret this?

Jenny Dell, the NESN sideline reporter for the Boston Red Sox team, mixed business with pleasure and the rest is history, for her as the Red Sox reporter that is. Dell still has an “in” with the team as she is romantically involved with Red Sox player Will Middlebrooks, according to Newsmax on Feb. 3.

When Dell made a public statement in a picture posted on Twitter she sealed her fate. The picture was of her and Middlebrooks on New Year's Eve. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to. It was common knowledge around the camp that the two were an item, so it was only a matter of time before the public would get wind of it.

She resigned from the position understanding that it is a conflict of interest to have a network’s sideline reporter dating a team player. This is why she needed to be replaced, you can’t have a reporter dating one of the players, you need total unbiased coverage of the team.

Hopefully for Dell this is a lasting relationship because she just lost one of the premiere jobs for a sports reporter. If fate plays a dirty trick on Dell by having this relationship go south, then she’ll certainly have some regrets after following her heart rather than the ethics of her career position.

NESN will pull Dell from the Red Sox coverage, but she won’t be ousted out of the network. They will use her talents within the network. Today the search is on for a replacement for Dell on the sidelines of the Boston Red Sox, which is a gig that they’ll have plenty in line for.

Other women reporters who hold similar positions along the sidelines wouldn’t chance dating a team member.

When USA Today polled women reporters asking them if it was “appropriate to start a relationship with a player whose team they cover,” the very adamant answer was “No.”

The Boston Celtics sideline reporter for Comcast Sports, Abby Chin, said, “Women in this business don’t get three strikes, they get one.”

USA Today’s Lindsay Jones said, "Never, never, never. Did I mention never?"

This could turn out to be a love story that they tell their grandchildren about one day. Of course it could also be the fork in the road that she regrets taking, but everyone has at least one of those. Only time will tell!

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