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Jenny Craig diet unhealthy and too high in refined sugar

The Jenny Craig diet is lacking in nutrients and loaded with sugar.
The Jenny Craig diet is lacking in nutrients and loaded with sugar.

The Jenny Craig weight loss diet program was founded in 1983 in Australia and has grown to an international company with locations all over the world. Many know of the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers because of endorsements by celebrities who have lost weight using the plan. Valerie Bertinelli and Kirstie Alley most recently endorsed Jenny Craig for several years after significant weight loss.

The Jenny Craig system is composed of prepackaged foods purchased on a membership plan, fresh foods purchased by the dieter, moderate exercise, a success manual, an online forum to network with other dieters, and consultations either on the phone or in a Jenny Craig franchise. There is also a mobile phone app to assist with calorie counting, serving sizes, nutritional information, and maps of local restaurants to assist the dieter with making informed choices about food. The prepackaged food comes in boxes, cans, and pouches and can be delivered to the client's door.

Clients do lose weight on this plan, however, the nutritional value of the food is questionable at best. According to an article on Epicurious, where a staff member signed up for the plan, the prepackaged food is severely lacking in nutritional value. The plan itself is actually too low in fat to be healthy - only 15% of calories come from fat. Sugar makes up about 25% of the daily calories. (Many of the prepackaged foods are high in sugar.) The provided foods are also low in fiber, only supplying 8 of the recommended 25 grams per day. The meals themselves are far too low in calories weighing in at only 300 calories per meal. Without much fiber and too much sugar, it is no wonder clients feel hungry all the time!

Ingredients in the prepackaged foods include preservatives, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners. This diet is far from healthy and does not fuel the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. Jenny Craig is an example of white-knuckle dieting - hold on long enough to lose a few pounds then give up from excessive hunger. Read the full article on Epicurious.

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