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Jenny and Moses, two American Bulldogs together forever

Jenny and Moses, friends for life
Jenny and Moses, friends for life
American Bulldog Rescue

People often equate dogs with such words as loyalty and unconditional love. This could not be more true than in the story of Jenny and Moses, two American Bulldogs.

Jenny and Moses were a bonded pair that lived happily with their owner until he had to surrender them due to losing his job, losing his home and having to live in a homeless shelter. Their owner was just as devastated as they were and cried and cried when he had to turn them over to a shelter since he could no longer provide for them.

Jenny was deaf and Moses was her ears. They slept together and always had a least one paw on the other to comfort sweet Jenny. These two dogs could never be seperated and had to be re-homed together. The shelter called American Bulldog Rescue with their story and asked if there was anything they could do to help. As those in the rescue world know, its hard to adopt out dogs as pairs let alone senior dogs with one being deaf. ABR knew this would be a challenge but they took on Jenny and Moses determined to save them.

When ABR heard how distraught Jenny and Moses's owner was at having to give them up they made every effort to contact him to let him know his dogs were safe. They were never able to locate him.

Along came a second pair of angels in their life. A beautiful young couple from Virginia applied to adopt one dog. When ABR told them about Jenny and Moses, the couple scheduled their flight, got a hotel room and the next day drove to meet Moses and Jenny. Never did they contemplate 2 dogs but when seeing how Jenny depened on Moses to be her ears they could not bring themselves to separate the pair.

Moses and Jenny got into the rental car for the drive back home to VA. They were on their way to a beautiful new life where they both lived for the rest of their natural lives.

Unfortunately Moses passed away suddenly and without warning a year or so after being adopted. Everyone was worried how Jenny would handle life without Moses. She handled it well because she was with him when he went to Heaven and realized he was never coming back.

But she soon got a new BFF. Although he'll never be Moses, Jenny had a new friend to rely upon. Her family adopted another dog named "Willy" to keep Jenny company for her final days.

Dear sweet Jenny has passed away just after the Christmas Holidays of 2013. She had incurable cancer.

The only consolation is that now she is with her beloved Moses. Imagine the joy Jenny experienced when she cautiously crossed the Rainbow Bridge, unaware of her surroundings then suddenly seeing her beloved Moses in the distance. He was there, tail wagging to greet his companion of a lifetime. The two friend would never be separated again and will be running, jumping and hearing for all eternity.

For more information on American Bulldog Rescue and their lifesaving work with dogs like Jenny and Moses please visit there website

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