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Jennifer Roback Morse: Professional women "victimized" by sexual revolution

Jennifer Roback Morse
Jennifer Roback Morse

Continuing the Religious Right's practice of depicting their push for fundamentalist totalitarianism as a fight for freedom, Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute has asserted during a February 3rd, 2014 interview with the National Catholic Register that the sexual revolution is a "totalitarian" movement victimizing professional women.

Because nothing says "totalitarian" like suggesting people be permitted to live their lives however they choose to.

"A mix of people have promoted it," she claimed. "Population controllers (who think there are too many poor people); hipsters (who just want to be libertines); radical feminists who think babies are keeping women from being 'equal.' All these groups have one thing in common: They're controlled by elites, people who want to re-create the world in their own image."

When pressed to explain how it is a totalitarian movement, Morse insisted that its goal "to separate sex from reproduction and both from marriage" is impossible.

"When men and women have sex, babies have a way of appearing," said Morse. "So the government has to step in and control people’s behavior and even people's thoughts about what's possible, desirable and realistic. The HHS mandate is just one example of the government stifling dissent by essentially saying: 'This society will be built around contraception, and there will be no dissent from that.' That's one example of totalitarianism coming straight from the government and literally shutting down people who disagree."

As a reminder, the HHS mandate only requires that contraception be made available. Not a single state in the union has it on the law books that contraception must be used.

The Religious Right's war against reality is as futile as ever.

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